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We don’t think it’s right to bind you to a long-term contract.

As a result, our services are renewed on a monthly basis. Try us out and have a taste of this ‘premium customer experience’ we kept talking about. Our business model makes us extremely accountable to our own standards.

If you love our services, let’s keep this going.

Making IT simple.

We believe in making IT simple for the end users. Many IT service providers tend to get so caught up in the technological aspect of things that they forget about the user experience, but not us.

We take care of the people using these machines as well.

  • Thumbs up on the excellent service provided by Computer Guys!! They are fast and responsive. And quick in offering realistic solutions to our IT challenges ...
    BAM Asia Entertainment Network LLP
    Eileen Koh
  • Thank you very much. Our 1 year pain has disappeared after you guys appear.
    Dasin Retail Trust Management Pte. Ltd.
    Zachary Lee
  • We have worked with Computer Guys for many years now and the experience has been very good! They are efficient ...
    Jones Knowles Ritchie Singapore
    Leni Ingking
  • Computer Guys are just excellent in terms of their customer service. They are very efficient and helpful in assisting their clients, irregardless of the issues faced.
    Nooraini Yunos
  • We love how they are dedicated and responsive to our enquiries and problems! Various IT support channels are available and they would typically get back to us within hours, always happy to provide assistance...
    IP Academy
    Wint Shwe Yee​
  • We would definitely recommend them to be your outsourced IT solutions as their team is very well organised and always enthusiastic to assist us. Great job CG team!!
    SMJ Furnishing (S) Pte. Ltd.
    Sherina Low
  • In comparison to the IT support we had earlier, it is more efficient with Computer Guys. The response to problems is fast and problems are solved immediately...
    International Container Pool Pte. Ltd.
    Rainer Vogt, Exe. Vice President
  • We enjoy the quick response, continuity of knowledge of our systems and it is comparable to having an internal IT helpdesk on call. This is definitely a good solution to look at for smaller businesses...
    ORIGIN Exterminators
    Deanne Ong, Business Development Director
IT Support - Computer Guys

IT support is about improving the experience with technology, rather than just servicing the machines.

That is why we place great emphasis on customer service.

IT Support - Computer Guys

Rest assured that we will never confuse you with technical jargon or bother you with the troubleshooting of IT issues.

Our aim is to keep things hassle-free for you.

Meet the Founder / CEO / Owner of Cartier (the cat)

Julian’s passion for technology and computers started from young. As the de facto “computer guy” among his peers, Julian honed his IT skills by helping his friends to fix their computers and picked up some self-taught skills along the way. He soon discovered that he gets an immense amount of satisfaction from helping others with their IT issues, and this spurred him to start up Computer Guys. Prior to that, he had 16 years of industry experience, including a stint in the public sector. With Computer Guys under his lead, Julian hopes to revolutionise the IT industry by focusing on customer service and setting a standard for system administration.


Like most superheroes,
we have a code of values too.

  • Service


    Crafting WOW experiences through service.

    Providing remarkable service to not just our customers but also our people, involves managing expectations. Sometimes, that means under-promising to over-deliver expectations. What matters is to consistently provide heartfelt services by first understanding human needs in IT. We like to think of ourselves as being in the business of ‘humanising IT’.

  • Simplicity


    Simplify, simplify & execute.

    We like to keep things simple. We are our own devil’s advocates, making sure our solutions are simplified – streamlined, straightforward, clear and refined. Complexities will not be tolerated. Being innovative is not about coming up with out-of-this-world solutions. It’s about simplifying solutions to achieve the same goals with lesser steps.

  • Constant Improvement


    Stumble, get up, learn & move forward.

    Mistakes are inevitable so why get so hung up on them? What’s important is that we learn from these mistakes. Use them to improve, innovate, change and move forward. Grow, expand and never remain stagnant, especially in this industry. We’re working together in the present based on the past to be better selves in the future.

  • Our People


    Family first, always.

    Our people are important – they formed our company, they are our family. We teach, help, care and nurture each other to develop skills and potential. When we care for them, they’re invested in our company – and take better care of our customers. A company will not be a company without its people.

  • Integrity, Honesty & Optimism


    Get the right culture.

    It’s not enough to encourage team cohesion. Our culture is also based on integrity, honesty and optimism. Trust in our people to make sound decisions as our representatives; do what is right by the company, customers, and their own moral standards; be honest about misgivings and mistakes. This culture nurtures our people to be competent and daring – equipped with a positive never-give-up approach to resolve challenges without being paralysed by a fear of failing. The right culture develops positive outcomes for the company and its people.

Technology can be intimidating.

Let us help.
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