Computer Guys - Join the Computer Guys

Join the Computer Guys.

We do things differently.

We are a tight-knit team working together to deliver bulletproof IT solutions for our clients. Not only that, we put in our best efforts to make sure that the working environment is conducive for innovation and creative thinking. Research and development is strongly encouraged here, and all new ideas or suggestions are welcome.

But enough about work. That said, you will not have to be worried we will turn you into some sort of IT support robot here. In fact, we do all we can to help everyone here achieve a healthy work-life balance.

We have get-togethers once every three months to eat, drink and be merry – all on the company, of course.

  • Our Culture

    It is all about the people here at Computer Guys. This applies not only to our clients but our team members as well. There will not be any micromanaging or strict dress codes to follow so that everyone can have a comfortable working environment. We also believe that people are our best investment, and as such, we place a strong emphasis on our employees’ welfare. We take good care of you so in turn, you can take good care of our clients.

  • Perks of being a Computer Guy

    Beyond the competitive salaries and benefits, you will also be enjoying the following perks at Computer Guys: a well-stocked pantry, flexible working hours and a relaxed working space equiped with bean bags, toys (a Playstation zone, pool table and foosball!) and a napping corner. We don’t believe in creating a stifling work environment. We want our Computer Guys to love their working space. Beyond the office, we organise annual company overseas retreat and plenty of parties (appreciation dinners, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations…) throughout the year. On a more serious note, we want to provide our Computer Guys with plenty of opportunities to help them reach their full potential and advance their careers. As we are an IT firm, it also goes without saying that you will be given some of the best IT equipment to work with during your time here.

  • The Chosen One

    We like to think big here at Computer Guys. Our goal is to revolutionise the IT industry and be a yardstick of quality in the IT service industry. So, who would fit in as a Computer Guy? We want people who share the same crazy vision. We want people who dare to dream. And most importantly, we want people with a passion for what they do (and it does not necessarily have to be IT-related). We do not believe that paper qualifications are sufficient to fully state a person’s skillset and talents. After all, skills can always be taught but the same cannot be said for a good attitude.

Job Openings

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume together with your expected salary to


  • Provide IT support to our customers.
  • Be in charge of entire IT infrastructure for our client companies.
  • Travel down to offices to carry out regular maintenance or on-site IT support.


  • Proficiency in spreadsheets and word processing.
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Windows.
  • Experience with networks in a professional environment.
  • Familiarity with other operating systems preferred (Linux, Mac OS).
  • Experience with server administration (Windows or Mac).
  • Capable of troubleshooting hardware and software issues independently.
  • Good communication skills in English and Mandarin or other languages.
  • Able to write in English.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Needs to be sensitive towards user needs.
  • Strong work ethics and integrity.
  • Needs to be a fast learner.
  • Willing to travel around.