Like the great Barney Stinson (from How I Met Your Mother, played by Neil Patrick Harris) would say, “Suit up!” Let us start the year with renewed purpose – to be a better person. Lose that belly, trim the unsightly hairs, have a haircut, be clean-shaven (or grow an epic beard), pop in the mint and most importantly, start dressing up. Start looking better for yourself in the coming year. Discard the old and ill-fitting clothes, as clothes that are one size bigger can make you look sloppy. Pick up those track shoes and regain that healthy lifestyle, make time for exercise and involve your family for some quality time. Roll back the years because it’s never too late to do so. You can still look good at 40, 50 or even 60, let this year be revolutionary, work on yourself.


Time to spend some time and effort. Time to look good and feel good. Time to break the rules, gentlemen.


  1. Rule to break: Shorts and flip flops

The tailored khaki (slim fit) - chino academySunny Singapore equals dressing light, right? While dressing light (by light we mean flip flops, shorts and an old tee) is totally fine when you head to the neighbourhood convenience store or the wet market, try not to do so if you’re ever stepping into a restaurant. Replace them with jeans to look younger, or even khakis with dress shoes. Oh, we forgot to mention, ditch that soccer jersey of yours too. We understand the football fever in Singapore had everyone declaring their love by wearing club jerseys all the time but no, just don’t.

Style tip: Pair khakis with brown dress shoes and belt. Tuck your shirt in to look less sloppy.

  1. Rule to break: Polo tees for every occasion

This is where you might have to spend a few pennies on. While Polo tees are somewhat presentable, one size doesn’t fit all. Furthermore, striped polos make people look fatter, something you definitely do not want. It always pays to have dress shoes of different colors, with belts to match. A well-fitting shirt is also a worthy investment, when paired up with a black vest, you’d be ready for any occasion. The illustration below, courtesy of Art of Manliness, sums everything up. Forget the Tux though, it wouldn’t be of much use for most of us in Singapore.


Style tip: Use accessories like cufflinks, pocket squares and watches to compliment your clothes.

  1. Rule to break: Conservative neckwear

Color is your best friend, patterns even more so. The little things that make a suit stand out should not be limited to pocket squares and buttons. Swaying away from the conventional black tie would also amplify your personality and character. So why not try a little mix and match to see what works?


Style tip: Color coordination still matters! Doesn’t hurt to try though!

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  1. Rule to break: Short sleeve shirts are passé

Short sleeved shirts are appearing more regularly in men’s magazines in recent years, even though designers have advised against it. Maybe it’s the rise of sporting and wellness culture in Singapore, the opening of gyms across the island has attracted legions of men to sign up. Pumping iron, they call it. If you got it, flaunt it, they say. There is a golden rule for short sleeve shirts – If your bicep is muscular enough to fill the aperture of the arm, wear a short sleeve. This will show off the muscle and the work you have put in. If your arms do not fill the aperture, wear a long sleeve shirt with roll sleeves instead – this will add mass around the bicep making you look stronger.


This dude has proven my point, just look at him, a perfect example.


Style tip: Trim unsightly hairs if your biceps are not big enough. Those sleeves shall not slide down whilst holding onto the handrails on the public transport!

Image credit: Justin O’Shea

  1. Rule to break: Pair the black shoes with a black suit

While it is safe to do so, alternating other colors might add a fresh perspective. Try a pair of white leather shoes, or try fitting the black shoes with a grey suit. Mixing and matching would bring out different looks and feel.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, the Fine Young Gentleman has some tips for you. We at Computer Guys wish you a great year ahead with lots of personal growth. Dress well, dress up and add a hint of suave to your daily life.