Have you ever accidentally picked up someone else’s smartphone or tablet, mistaking it for yours? Or have your family members screamed at you before for confusing their charging cables for yours? Technology is designed to have a uniform look, so it is of little wonder that these incidences are occurring. Some users have taken matters into their own hands and came up with ways to personalise their technology. Here are a few of Computer Guys’ favourites.


1) Washi tape to organise chargers

 washi tape iPhone chargers match

Use the same tape for the plug and both ends of the USB cable. That way, you can tell which cable goes into which plug with a quick glance! Instructions from shakentogetherlife.com.

2) Washi tape cords


This DIY is good if you often find your USB missing and no one in your house or office will admit to taking it. Also, it makes your cable look so much nicer! Instructions over at makezine.com.

3) Washi tape keyboard

 dsc_1520 (2)

Bear with us here, we promise this is the last washi tape-related craft. Unsurprisingly, this DIY is more popular with the ladies but it can be customised to have a simpler look.


Image credit: 7th House on the Left

For instructions on how to washi-fy your keyboard, head on over to Making It With Danielle.

4) Shoebox charging station


It is annoying to see messy cables everywhere. Make sure that those are out of sight and out of mind with this solution. Instructions here.

5) Customisable iPhone cover

 DSC_2264 copy

This allows you to change the look of your phone cover as and when you feel like it without the need to purchase another casing. More on this over at Scissors Paper Stone.