Need IT Experts, IT Support Service Providers? You’ve come to the right guys.

We are an IT support services firm with a strong belief in making IT simple for the end users.

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Phone Support & Helpdesk

If an issue crops up, our team of friendly system administrators are just a phone call or email away.

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Data Security

We’ll keep prying eyes away from your critical data. While we’re at that, you might want to consider our backup solution too.

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Technology Management

With Computer Guys keeping tabs on all of your IT assets, you will never forget to renew an expiring software license again.

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Innovation & Upgrading

We recommend the right tools, at the right cost.

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We serve people, not machines

Many IT services firm tend to get so caught up in the technological aspect of things that they forget about the user experience, but not us. Computer Guys doesn’t only take care of the machines – we take care of the people using these machines as well. In other words, we keep things short, simple and hassle-free for you.

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